Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Back!

Each year as students head back to school, teachers everywhere start putting together back-to-school gifts for their students. In previous years those gifts for me were pencils and assorted candy. Last year our district established a policy for healthier living for our students, and we are no longer allowed to give students food/candy with minimal nutritional value. This policy has gotten me to start thinking a little more creatively as I go back to school this year, and my treats for students have definitely benefited!

I decided to go with "It's going to be a bright year!" as my back-to-school theme. I'm using bright colors and stars for most decorations, and I wanted my gifts to match that theme.

So, here is what I came up with:

1. Neon Sunglasses from Oriental Trading ($20 for 24 pair)

2. Star shaped tags (made them myself!)

3. $50 in Kendrick Cash (made myself for use in our classroom economy!)

 4. Black pen (I have a couple hundred of these stocked up, so I thought I would add one in!)

5. Glow Sticks! ($1 for 15 bracelets at Michaels

6. Neon pencils and erasers (pencils $1 a pack and erasers were less than $1 at Walmart

 7. 5th Graders are #1 Pencils (about $3 a dozen at our local teacher store - Educational Wonderland)

8. A homework pass for use in my classroom.

9. Wrap it up in a neon bag (less than $1 from Walmart)

And you have....

It's going to be a bright year!!!

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